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Rules *Read or Die!*

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Rules *Read or Die!*

Post  Yukio on Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:37 pm

1.) 1 character per account only, and don't go making a bunch of accounts. Thats an automatic ban.

2.) Type in IC(in character) at all times. Use OOC(out of character) if you want to type something out of character.

3.) No Pornagraphy or explicit videos. Automatic ban. And keep things pg-13 and below in chatbox or topics. I hope you're mature enough to do that.

4.) No god modding other members. That will get a bunch of pissed off people to complain to me, and make me give you a warning, then ban you. Right: "[insert name here] shoots [insert name here]." Wrong: "[insert name here] shoots [insert name here] in the leg, and [insert name here] falls to the floor, crying"

5.) Use correct grammar and punctuation. Meaning no text language!

6.) Don't act all powerful. In strengh, skill, smarts, etc.

7.) Don't get into too many topics. Who knows when you will forget to post in one.

8.) Respect staff members. No racism or stuff similer to that.

9.) No big avatar pictures or signatures. That causes lag for people with low internet connection or slow cpu.

10.) No posting in RP zone without an approved character.

11.) Please don't argue in the chatbox or in topics, and PM spam someone.

12.) Don't kill another person's character without their permission, or I'll kill yours. Character death is permanent.

13.) Spamming is a big "NO GO!"

14.) No 1 liners like, "Bob slaps the lady." Make it at least a paragraph, or 3 lines. Use PREVIEW, it will help a lot.

15.) Characters cannot resemble people from the anime.

16.) No RPS(role play sex) in topic or chatbox. 1: Thats just plain wrong. 2: Thats just plain wrong. and 3: THATS JUST PLAIN WRONG!!!!! If your character does get laid, don't give us the details, thats just plain wrong!

17.) Posting in someone's character app is a NO-NO!

18.) Don't double space just to make your post look longer.

So please follow these rules, or I'll make your life a living hell. Thank you for your cooperation!^^

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