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Post  Yukio on Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:54 pm

Name: Whats the knightmare's name

Unit type: what generation is it. 7th generation? 8th generation?

Developer: Who made the knightmare?

Operator: Who is the pilot(s)?

Accommodation: how many people can fit in it?

Armor materials: "Unknown" It must always be unknown

Power plant: "Energy filler, Replaceable Energy Cartridge, Yggdrasil Drive Superconductor, power output rating unknown"
It must always be this.

Equipment: In your case, whats it's ability? Cloaking device? Extra boosters? Does it have landspinners? Float system? Cockpit ejection system? Blaze Luminous? Must describe custom equipment.

Fixed armaments: Whats mounted or attached directly on your knightmare? Does it have slash harkens? Anti personel gun? Custom must be described.

Optional armanents: What weapons does it carry? A gun? a MVS sword? Custom weapons must be described.

Description: Describe how your Knightmare looks(A picture would be nice). How the knightmare is operated like does it use joysticks or a keyboard? How you got it. Did you steal it? How or why it was made.


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