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Best English!!! (or other languages)

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Best English!!! (or other languages)

Post  Yuki on Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:03 pm

Anime with the best English songs!!
For now I'll be posting Negima?!
But theres also Tenchi Muyo GXP (the english opening sounds better than the original japanese one! I duno if Negima is the same too didn't listen to the Japanese opening)
Theres also Kuroshitsuji I'm alive by Becka which is originally sung in English
Then there's Ghost in the Shell, which is Russian and is sung by Origa. Execpt for the ending, which is inside the shell and that's originally in English too if my memory is right.
Then theres the german (?) opening version of Kamikaze Jeanne.


Note:Not much too look at in the video for a reason. That way you'll be able to read the lyrics without scrolling back and forth or looking back and forth.

Ps. Caitlan Glass sings the ending A-ly-ya (but it isn't in the vid below but the next one) Caitlan Glass plays the english dub of:
Winry (FMA) Haruhi (Haruhi Suzumiya)

Laura Bailey who plays: Lust (FMA & Brotherhood), Tohru (fruits basket) Shin (shin chan) ext. Sings a duet with herself lol.

Lyrics (from original video):

Part 1:

1000% Sparking!
Sung By: Luci Christian, Leah Clark, Jamie Marchi, Brina Palencia

There's a longing deep inside of my heart
So filled with passion yet it keeps us apart
That's the irony of how I've learned to love
Opportunities, they come and they go
Uncertainties can make it hard to know
We can take a chance and choose to rise above
You give me strength, you shine in my affections
You light the darkness that's in my life
Though there are times that I feel like giving up
I know there's reason for living today

Our lives are sparking now, we're growing up
Our hearts are getting strong
If we wanted to, we have the path to change the world
Sparking now, search within your soul to find the answer
Push yourself to the edge, give 1000 percent

Endlessly searching, I am still alone in this darkness
I tried to hold on, but I lost you
You slipped through my fingers
Please, I need you, I need you to light my way
Maybe they're right, maybe I'll never know where I'm going
A warmth trails down my cheeks and I am comforted
But my sorrow turns them cold
What if I forget you? What if I lose the memory?
Will I ever find a way to escape this hollowness that binds me?
Is this my fate? Is this love forbidden by destiny?
No, our lives can be our own design, together, we can light the fire
And when the darkness fades away
The only thing toward my sight will be you

So take this burning heart, light the fire, let the passion burn
If we light the path to help create a better world
Burning heart, light the way, help us find the answers
Push yourself to the edge, give 1000 percent

Eien no Toki wo Koete
Sung By: Stephanie Young

Transcending everlasting time

The ageless stars racing endlessly
Flying up high with such open wings
Teach me to fly, let me soar above
And learn a way of stopping time for love
There is so much guilt living in your heart
Soon that guilt will tear you apart
But you can be saved if you reach out your hands
Release the pain and love again
If all of your prayers have come to light
True beauty's been lost inside your mind
Beauty is born from dark overthrown
And when the sun have overcome the night

Transcending everlasting time
We will both stand firm on the land of the sun
Walking through the door of destiny we find
Hand-in-hand, we can both take flight
There are endless dreams and possibilities
In this timeless world, I will try to seize them all
Embrace the world at large, although it may be hard
We all must learn to love again, to live our lives in full

Hoshizora Letter
Sung By: Kate Bristol

When I close my eyes, the love and mystery overflow and around
But through it all I see and wish upon this star inside I found
So come along with me, we'll leap across the clouds of sighs and go
Day after day we'll look for a way, it's there in your mind, I know

And wherever you go, I will be there by your side
Count on me, I will be the shoulder when you need to cry
If you hold your head high and do the best you can
I'll be there watching you, at your side I'll always stand

Part 2:

Sung By: Caitlin Glass, Cherami Leigh

Everybody! Hey! Hey! Everybody! Yeah! Yeah! Whoo!

Let's take a chance and let it sound, our adventure fanfare all around
Take your dreams and make them true, having faith is all you have to do
Take a chance and count to three, take a breath and let yourself be free
Make a list of all good things in your life that make you want to sing (2, 3, go!)
It's likely you'll find the good outweighing the bad, there is no reason for you to be sad
Troubles and miracles are in all our lives, learn to enjoy them and have a good time
Eye-to-eye and hand-in-hand, we have the power (power in my heart)
When I'm with you, there's nothing I can't do, I'm flying so high (we can do it)
We'll travel together both far and wide to places that we have never seen

A-LY-YA! is what we will sing! A-LY-YA! with all of the girls!
A-LY-YA! Everybody join in! A-LY-YA! Hey! Hey!
A-LY-YA! is what we will sing! A-LY-YA! with all of the boys!
A-LY-YA! Everybody join in! Everything's okay!

Love Sensation
Sung By: Laura Bailey (as Ayaka and Evangeline)

Hey, here we go! Are you ready?

You know I love, love, love you passionately (Whoo!)
Think of, of, of you obsessively (Yeah!)
I know it sounds strange, but when I see your face
My heart feels like it's exploding (Exploding!)
Love's an intense sensation! Baby, your touch gives me burstation!

Love, I love, I really love you, I'd love, I'd love to kiss and kiss you!

I hike up my skirt, unbutton my shirt in hopes that you will notice me
But you'll never see all the things you boys have put us girls through
Oh, how it hurts, all the times you've broken my heart
Even so, it won't keep me from telling the world how I feel about you

Because I believe-lieve-lieve my wish will come true (whoo!)
You'll, you'll, you'll confess your love too (too!)
To me obviously since it is my dream, we'll be together and live my fantasy
Yes, yes, yes, I know thats it's strange (it's not that strange!)
I can't help my obsession for you (hands off, Eva!)
All that I want is to hold your hand and never let go, be mine forever
Love's an intense sensation! Baby, your touch gives me burstation!

Mahora Sentai Baka Rangers
Sung By: Luci Christian, Kate Oxley, Brina Palencia

They'll face danger! Go, Mahora Rangers!
Once they start running, grab your soul and hold on tight!
Peril's no stranger! Go, Mahora Rangers!
They may be dumb, but man, can they put up a fight!

See our silhouettes through the smoke of evildoers' dirty deeds
Our wind of truth has come to give hope, our courage sponge will wipe them clean
The sword of justice will break down the walls of hatred and inequality
Our secret weapon defeats all evil, because it's backed by the power of love
Ready? Go, go, Rangers! Prepare for the fight!
Ready? Band, band together and become one!
All 5 souls for the battle to be won!

They'll face danger! Go, Mahora Rangers!
Fighting for justice, wield the sword and don't give up!


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