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Kokiko Kaguya

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Kokiko Kaguya

Post  C.C on Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:51 pm

Name: Kokiko Kugaya

Age: 19

Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan

Nationality: Half Britannian/Half Japanese

Faction: Britannia

Job/Occupation: Soldier

Training and Experience(optional): Kokiko from the Age of 17 began her training during her time in the Knight Police going out onto the streets doing daily patrols, trying to catch criminals. By the time she reached 18 she began her training on how to pilot a knighmare, it took her a year and a half to get this right before she was able to actually know how to pilot one.

Gender: Female

Appearance:  Kokiko is 5'11'', she has violet-pink hair with deep steel blue eyes. Her shape is quiet slender with a slight big-ish bust around the chest area.

Special Characteristics: N/A

Personality: Kokiko is a very wild and fun person to get to know, during battle she does as she is told and gets the job done, sometimes she protects her fellow officers from getting hurt. Kokiko also likes to meet new people, become acquainted with ones she hasnt met. She tends to find herself as a hard-working, order following person. She prefers to be bossed around by her superiors listening to their strategic ideas and methods. She always listens to her duties and attends to them as she is given.

Knightmare Frame: Sutherland

Biography: Kokiko was born inside of Britannia in the hospital, her mother and father were both Japanese and Britannian, when she was born they were glad to have had a little girl they could call their own. When she was growing up she was happy, learning to walk, her father insisted on teaching her how to speak like a fellow Britannian would so they began there, he called for a Tutor and they got straight to work teaching Kokiko how to speak like a Britannian. One day when Kokiko heard the news, her father and mother had died in hospital together, one with heart-failure, the other with brain damage, she wasnt told of how the cause happened. Kokiko was really upset, they still had a Maid in the house and she took care of Kokiko, provided her with everything she needed. Kokiko on the 5th day of the 7th Month, recieved a Letter concerning her future with the Knight Police, though it wasnt of the Knight Police, she was approved to join as a Soldier in the Britiannian Army. She began her journey from there. Once her journey began she started to get more used to working for a higher officers, given duties by the Seniority, and by her Commanders. She is a dedicated and hard-working individual who would do anything for her country, possibly die who knows.

Role-play sample:

As the sun shone brightly over Area 11, the Britannians everyday began their training on the earliest hour of 0600, Kokiko, waking up around 0530, she would go for a run on her way to the Britannian Army to begin her training, everyday that she woke up at she would know. She would get into her training uniform and begin her training for the whole day, she only took a 10 minute break between each training course. By the time the day had ended she would run back home also.

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