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Knightmare Abend

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Knightmare Abend

Post  Yukio on Wed Oct 13, 2010 9:56 pm

Name: Abend

Unit type: 7th Generation

Developer: Brittanian Empire R&D, and finished by the Black Knight R&D

Operator: Yukio Shidousha

Accommodation: Only 1 person

Armor materials: Unknown

Power plant: Energy filler, Replaceable Energy Cartridge, Yggdrasil Drive Superconductor, power output rating unknown


-Factsphere x1 Located on the forehead

-Air glide system. Only difference is the wing design is different.

-Thruster x2, one located on the tip of the middle wing, and one at the base. In use, it scatters small, bright, and red particles just for show.

-cockpit ejection system

-"Blaze Luminous" MSV particle shield, mounted on right fore arm.

Fixed armaments:

-Triple-barreled hand gun. Located on left forearm

-MVS sword x1 located on back.(Hand carried in use)

-Slash harkens with harken boosters 3x. 2 located on chest, and 1 on right fore arm.

Optional Hand Weapons:

-Ochstan Rifle

-Any knightmare weapon it can get it's hands on.


Abend was designed as a heavy sniper based knightmare frame, created by the Brittanian R&D. It was given the nickname, "The Fallen White Angel" due to the fact that in many of it's flight tests, the knightmare's float systems tends to malfunction, fall in the middle of flight, and gets damaged. Stolen, the Black Knights R&D made some changes to the knightmare's system, and added the Black Knight's version of the float system, the air glide system. With this, the knightmare no longer falls, but it kept the nickname, due to Yukio's liking to the name. Too much armored was added to the knightmare, so it was removed, making it very agile. Because it lacked range weapons since they only stole the knightmare, the double barreled hand gun was built into the left fore arm, and added a third barrel for more fire power. The Abend was then given it's last weapon, the Ochstan Rifle, a sniper rifle that can fire sniper rounds, and a hadron cannon. The hadron cannon uses up a lot of energy, so the weapon's power was great reduced, so it can conserve energy, thus firing a smaller version of the blast(The size of a Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon when fired to be more specific). The rifle uses both a ammo pack and a energy filler for the hadron cannon.

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