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Character creation template.

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Character creation template.

Post  Ilyo on Thu Oct 14, 2010 5:26 pm

1- All character apps must follow all rules
2- All character apps must start at the default rank (please see ranks for the faction you choose which will be in info)
3- All character apps Unless given consent from the staff, no one is to claim royalty of any faction.
4- All character apps Unless given consent from the staff, no one shall possess Geass (Geass users are chosen by staff to prevent over flow)
5- All character shall not know of Geass at start. (this does not mean one cannot learn about Geass while in rp)
6- All character apps are non cannon characters, there are no cannon characters allowed within this forum, there cannot be any IC(in character) reference to them at all (cannon : Characters that exist in the actual series)
7- All character apps are player character and may not give out geass/be an immortal.(this is reserved for npc{non player characters})
8- All character apps must abide to all laws of physics, even the ones you do not like.(geass excluded of course)
9- All character apps with a custom knightmare frame if you meet the rank requirements, if you are a mercenary you must get permission from the staff to have a custom knightmare.
10- All character apps that are Students in Ashford cannot be over 18
11- All character apps that are military personal cannot be under 19.


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