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Nyx (A new Goddess has awakened) Complete

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Nyx (A new Goddess has awakened) Complete

Post  Yuki on Sat Oct 23, 2010 7:08 pm

(Well, Nyx is a goddess, a greek one if my memory is right.)

Name: Nyx Wake (Wakeh)

Age: 21

Birth Place: Britannia

Nationality: Britannian/Greek

Faction: Order of the Black Knights

Job/Occupation: Militia, Black Knights

Training and Experience(optional): Nyx has been trained in martial arts since she was 3. She has also been in a terrorist group before Black Knights and joined the Black Knights because of the group's split up. (Most of them in jail) While she was in that group she learned how to pilot a knightmare Frame.

Gender: female

Appearance: Nyx has pale skin and long black hair with one dark green eye and one dark blue eyes. You wouldn't notice her two different eye colors unless you looked at her closely and carefully. Nyx dislikes wearing a lot of clothes, because it slows her down and she just doesn't feel comfortable in them. With that said she absolutely hates cold days.
(Note:She's not AS pale as the girl in the picture.)

Special Characteristics: Due to training with her mom she is a pretty tough person. Able to ignore pains like a arm breaking.

(Sorry personalities, well describing them aren't excatly my good spot. Absolutely horrible at these. So I apologize if the personality doesn't excatly fit the personality I use in IC)
Personality: Nyx is defintely not a shy girl nor very careful. She likes having fun (well her definition of fun). And she will do almost anything to win a fight even if she has to fight dirty or push a comrade out of her way. She's a pretty tough chick

Knightmare Frame: Burai

The name Wake (wakeh) is completely a mistake. Its suppose to be Walker but due to someone's poor spelling and speech skills its Wake. (Wakeh)

Nyx is the only daughter of Tiger Wake and Milli. Tiger is the president of a company that not only makes motorcycles but other electronics too. While Milli was a dancer, mixed martial arts champion and won a beauty pageant. Mili taught martial arts after Nyx's birth.

Nyx began taking martial art lessons at age 4,(born in May) her mother was her teacher and was not a very easy teacher. She taught Nyx hard. It was during the times of Nyx's young age that she was often teased by her classmates. Though all that changed when she went to high school, where she became a cheerleader.
Those who were once mean and nasty to her now despartely tried to be friends with her but Nyx turned them all down. Everyone that tried to be her friend made it very obvious that they wanted something in return for being her friend either popularity or envy from people.
And so Nyx's group of friends hadn't changed until a new guy, June came to town and into Nyx's school. They became friends and a bit afterward became boyfriend and girlfriend. Their relationship seemed unbreakable, but unfortunately it did break when June was shot to death in their senior year for being a Eleven terroist. It was on the very same day a bit after he was shot that Nyx was being harrassed by his killers. She eventually managed to keep them away from her.

At the age of 18, Nyx became a supermodel and soon married to the son of another company (Michael Swift) in order to save Tiger Wake's (her father) company. She was not happy with the marriage and became even more unhappy when she unwillingly had children by Michael, twins one daughter Alice and one son, Aether. Though the daughter died after 2 months after her birth, because of a heart problem.
One day a maid who liked Nyx very much, told her that there is something terribly wrong with Michael and if she didn't believe then go into his study and try to find a book out of place. Nyx did excatly this, when Michael was away on the trip. She had no trouble finding the misplaced book and she immdiately read it. From what she read, she found out that he had been her classmate under a alias and disguise, Samson Mathews. Who had a crush on her for a long time and soon became obessesed with her. He then one day say Nyx's boyfriend talk to a terroist and decided that it was his chance to get rid of Nyx's boyfriend, Jun Tsukiyo and take her for himself.
Sadly, Nyx's husband came home and found her in the study reading his journal. He then pulled his own children in the study. Michael then pulled something out of his pocket. The moment he did that Nyx quickly rushed towards him and tried to stop him. She ended up after dodging a couple of shots and failing after getting shot. She then watched as she slowly went unconcious, him killing their children. Which was the last thing she saw for awhile.

Nyx woke up in a hospital and quickly takes off the Iv and other stuff from herself, before taking her stuff changing and then continues to leave the hospital. She is then stopped by a nurse and she asks if she has already had surgery. The nurse replies yes but before she could say anymore, Nyx leaves.

Nyx gets a call from her younger brother. Who is in charge of the Wake's side of the company. Nyx wasn't excatly close to her brother and still wasn't. Unfortunately he did not call just to see if she was okay since she did just leave the hospital. He called to tell her that her husband is missing and currently their side of their company is loosing business quickly. He then hangs up.

Nyx then begins to think of why the company would loose and eventually comes up with an answer, Michael. After reading of who he truly was, it made sense to Nyx that he would do this along with why he had killed her children. She had made it obvious how much she loved her children better than Michael. And Michael wanting Nyx for himself decided to get rid of them, just as he decided to take down the company. He had wanted to manipulate her somehow after he had knocked her down. Though Nyx wasn't too sure about the last part so she decided to research it, Nyx's way. Quitting her job as a supermodel and soon only became seen at night in a mask and black clothing.

Nyx would do almost anything to get the info. But when she had finally got all the info she needed she found out her theory was right. Michael was behind the Wake's company failing along with some friends, other companies who had at least a foot in the underground. Unfortunately by the time she found this out the company was already dead.

Out of rage Nyx then began to take these companies apart. By taking thing from one and bringing to another. Thus creating chaos and war.

Unfortunately she was then caught by a man who was part of a terroist group who threatened to put her in jail for her deeds if she did not join the group. Which she did and it was during that time she learned how to pilot a knightmare frame and realized that she wanted to help the Japanese take Japan back and have their name again instead of a number. Unfortunately the group split up due to a lot of them being caught. And so she joined the black knights even though she was free from the terroist group and could've lived a normal life she chose to be part of the group.

Role-play sample: Nyx was walking through the Black Knights base. She wore a white tube top that showed her whole entire midrift and only covered her chest. With blue jean short shorts. A red coat and thigh high black boots. She held a Japanese paper fan in her hand, fanning herself with it. A man who wore entirely black came up to her. "Are you sure a beautiful woman like you would want to stain her hands?" He asked. Nyx closed the fan and looked at him. "My hands have already been stained. I've killed before and I will do it again." She said. "Ah, so you've been bad haven't you?" "Look.." Nyx said walking closer to him. "Your not good enough for Nyx Tsukiyo. And you'll never be you dirty animal. So I suggest you leave me alone before I hurt you." "Oh, hurt me. I'm so afraid!" He acted like being afraid. "I can't wait." He said while grinning. Nyx sighed. "Well I did warn you, now didn't I?" Nyx then came closer to him and kicked him in his calf. "I." She then grabbed him before he fell and kneed him. "Really." She punched his nose. "Hate." When his head came back up she punched him in the throat making him cough. "Men." She let go of him and he fell on the floor. "Like. You." She said while stomping on him. She then walked away, fanning herself once again but stopped and looked at the witnesses. "Anyone else want to say anything?" She asked. They shook their heads no. "Does anyone want to tell the leader what happened? Cause you know he did deserve it right?" No one responded. "Good, then I'll be going on my way." Nyx then walked away.

(I usually don't rp a character like Nyx, but I wanted to rp as someone almost completely opposite from Kaley Greenfield. Yet still be a female.)


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Re: Nyx (A new Goddess has awakened) Complete

Post  Yukio on Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:18 pm

Since Ilyo isn't on for a while. Mind as well approve this.

*stamps head*

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